Welcome to AMI™

AMI™ is the industrial market’s leading Cloud Technology Company.  AMI™ provides cloud infrastructure for communication, hardware, software and servers.  AMI™ technology is application (app) driven.  AMI™ offers apps for water management, agriculture, pumping solutions, variable frequency drives, oil and gas, mining, lighting as well as other industrial processes.  AMI™ is dedicated to being “above the cloud” and is a leader in IoT (Internet of Things) technology.   The company specializes in cloud based solutions that allow customers to manage, monitor and troubleshoot a variety of field based assets via any web-enabled device (computer, tablet or smart phone) while storing data in a cloud based data warehouse.  IoT technology allows devices to communicate with each other in the field.  AMI™ Engineered Solutions (ES) allows us to create custom apps to our customers exacting needs.  All solutions are provided through AMI™ branded or OEM/private label branded sales channels. 

Original Equipment Manufacturing (OEM). 
Bring YOUR Product to The Cloud TODAY.

AMI creates custom solutions for manufacturers who understand the need to bring their products “to the cloud” today.  Wherever a manufacture is in their project, AMI has the hardware, software, communication and servers needed to quickly, efficiently and securely bring products to the cloud.  Enhance any product by giving customers automation and information in the palm of their hands.  AMI™ will bring your product to the cloud on time and under budget.


AMI™ provides cellular, Ethernet and satellite communication options allowing us to communicate ANYWHERE in the world.  AMI offers cellular communication plans in 97 different countries.

AMI™ products 

All AMI™ products come with industry finest technical support.  AMI™ allows for 24/7 support for distributors, contractors and end user customers.  Automated and customizable alert notifications through email and SMS (text message) keep you updated on all system notifications. AMI™ clients enjoy friendly and interactive graphical user interface over secure login with access from anywhere!

AMI™ offers a variety of “off the shelf” solutions, from cloud based pump and VFD management, to irrigation, water management, agricultural “Smart Farm” solutions as well as our custom engineered solutions (AMI™ ES).  AMI™ ES solutions provide unparalleled “drag and drop” SCADA software solutions with in the AMI Cloud.  AMI™ offers all of these solutions without the headache and cost of phone line, radios, dedicated computers, expensive software licenses or on-site engineering personnel.


Mission Statement

AMI’s mission is to be the leading industrial cloud and IoT technology solutions provider worldwide. Our goal is to enable our customers to increase productivity and profitability while growing market share through innovative solutions

News Feed


AMI is offering a program to aid growers in California
who have come to rely on soil moisture monitoring


AMI™ Receives 2014 Las Vegas M2M Evolution Business Impact Award


AMI™ Partners with SJE-Rhombus® to Create Cloud Based Pump Monitoring Solution ...


AMI™ Introduces Cloud Based Acid Injection System to Agriculture Market


AMI™ Expands Cloud Technology Solutions Worldwide 
with Data and Cellular Connectivity to Over 100 Countries


AMI™ Introduces ioConnect™ to Bring Any Sensor to The Cloud
AMI™ announced the release of their newest product, ioConnect™.  


AMI™ Introduces VFD Connect™
Cloud Based Product Allows Remote Management of Variable Frequency Drives Anywhere at Anytime


AMI, Inc.  Expands OEM Division as Demand for Cloud Control and Monitoring Products Grows


AMI, Inc. Introduces AMI Vapor™


AMI, Inc. Brings Data Industrial and Toro Flow Sensor Data to the Cloud with Release of Their AMI Totalizer™ Product

Pump Management Solutions

Power Monitor, VFD

  • Real time monitoring of pump opreating
  • Control Multiple Sites From Single Login
  • Unlimited Training

Agriculture Services
  • Simple and easy remote access
  • Customer service call center
  • Reduce water usage by using irrigation feedback from soil sensors
Irrigation & WM
  • Weather based irrigation adjustment
  • Control multiple sites from single login
  • Unlimited training

Engineered Solutions

  • Customized User Interface (UI)
  • Custom Product Integration.
  • Custom Reporting and Alerts.
  • Communication and Collaboration across multiple products from variety of manufacturers.